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Fiesta ST AccessPort V3 MountThe Clip-ArmThe Adapter (AccessPort adapter shown)Custom Supports in Simplify3D

Fiesta ST AccessPort V3 Mount

This is a mount for use with the sixth generation Ford Fiesta. It is a two-piece print that utilizes the cradle that is included with the AccessPort V3. This print took a lot of tweaking to get the fit perfect for my vehicle so it may not fit properly since all printers are slightly different. Try increasing or decreasing the overall scale of the print a few percent if it doesn’t fit properly the first time. The arm will be the trickiest print but isn’t too bad, use custom supports as shown in the gallery if possible to save some material. Installation instructions are included.

Recommended Print Settings*:

  • Material: ABS
  • Layer Height: .2mm
  • Infill: 25%
  • Top/Bottom Layers: 5
  • Outlines/Perimeters: 3
  • Brim: Strongly Recommended, 8 Outlines, 1-2 Layers
  • Support: 12% (arm) Custom if available, 20% (adapter)
  • Print Speed: Medium-Slow (slower = better for less warping)
  • Post-Print Treatment**: Acetone treatment recommended but not required

*Recommended settings are based on Simplify3D and the Flashforge Creator Pro and are simply what worked best for me. Optimal settings will vary between printers.

**Liberally apply acetone to the finished print with a paintbrush and let it dry fully. This further strengthens layer bonding and increases longevity of the part significantly.

File: CobbAPillarAPMountFordFiesta.zip

Contents: AP_Mount_Install_Instructions.pdf, CobbAPMountArm.STL, CobbAPMountClip_genericphonecradle.STL, CobbAPMountClip_normal.STL, CobbAPMountClip_tilted.STL

Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International